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It’s easy to say that a player won’t be traded. It’s much harder to say “no” to a major trade offer.The Jaguars repeatedly said they won’t trade cornerback Jalen Ramsey https://www.carolinapanthersfanshop.com/David-Mayo-Jersey , and they tried continuously to unruffle his feathers when it was clear that he wanted to be traded. The resisted. They waited. And they waited some more.Then they got an offer of two first-round picks and a fourth-round pick for Ramsey. And they couldn’t refuse it.How many teams could refuse that kind of an offer, for any player? Putting it another way, how many players wouldn’t be traded for two first-round picks and a fourth-round pick, if someone extended that offer?Short-list franchise quarterbacks would top the “get out of here with that crap” list. Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson. (Both Mahomes and Watson were initially acquired in exchange for, as a practical matter, two first-round picks.) Tom Brady would also fall into that category https://www.carolinapanthersfanshop.com/Devin-Funchess-Jersey , although Bill Belichick would at least seriously consider what he could do with those picks before slamming down the phone.The Packers likely wouldn’t accept such an offer for Aaron Rodgers during what could be a special season. Come March, well, who knows?For non-quarterbacks, the “no way in hell” list is also very short. Aaron Donald, absolutely. Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley, maybe. Perhaps Michael Thomas and DeAndre Hopkins. And before you say “Khalil Mack,” remember this: The Bears gave up less than two ones and a four to get him from the Raiders, and the Raiders were praised in some circles for the deal.The added benefit of swapping a veteran for two ones and a four comes from the financial ramifications. McCaffrey https://www.carolinapanthersfanshop.com/Mario-Addison-Jersey , for example, is on the cusp of a major, market-value contract (and possibly a holdout in order to get it). Trading him for draft picks results in cheap, wage-scale labor for four years, with the fifth-year option available for the first-round picks.Another factor in the final decision would be the status of the relationship between player and team. Ramsey wanted out of Jacksonville. Mack wanted out of Oakland. If the relationship is fractured, it makes sense to get the most for the player and move on — especially when a major package is on the table.To get that major package on the table, it’s important to take the position that the player won’t be traded. Right up until the point that he is. The Carolina Panthers defense produced another “statement game” on Sunday when they held the Houston Texans to only 10 points despite three turnovers en route to a 16-10 win. After six sacks for a total of 14 in two weeks, it would be hard to say that anyone on that side of the ball has much of anything to prove. One very important member of the offense on the other hand Marquis Haynes Jersey , still finds himself in this column.QB Kyle AllenKyle Allen finds himself in this column once again for the same reason we feared last week, that his performance against the Arizona Cardinals might have been an outlier due to their inferior defense. Well, that turned out to be exactly the case. To Kyle’s credit, he did make some nice looking throws, and came through in the clutch with an improbable escape from the grasp of J.J. Watt to convert a first down to Jarius Wright. However, the reason the Panthers needed these late game heroics falls squarely at his feet... three lost fumbles. On two of those fumbles, he could have easily moved within or outside the pocket to avoid taking the hit, but didn’t have the pocket awareness necessary to make those moves. With time he’ll get a better feel for things https://www.carolinapanthersfanshop.com/Torrey-Smith-Jersey , but only the most ardent anti-Cam Newton trumpeteer could love Kyle’s performance on Sunday. The Panthers won the game, but it was in spite of him, not because of him.OG Tyler LarsenWe’ve not seen much of Tyler Larsen this year, but the few reps we did see were UGLY. He did not have the kind of preseason that inspires confidence in him as interior depth, and his series against the Arizona Cardinals providing temporary relief for Trai Turner was not encouraging either. He doesn’t look at all like the same guy he did a couple years ago when his name was being thrown around as a potential starting option at center. Hopefully he can do better than what we’ve seen if he has to step in and play guard Sunday, or else Calais Campbell might eat us alive.DT Vernon ButlerAnother guy who might find himself forced into more action, Vernon Butler seems to have nine lives with this team, and this year could be his last one unless he can make a major jump to prove his value. He’ll get that chance now that Kawann Short is lost for the season with a shoulder injury Dontari Poe Color Rush Jersey , and did make a high impact play against the Texans where he sacked Deshaun Watson forcing a crucial fumble. He’ll need to show out with his newly given playing time if he wants to be re-signed next season.Guys with nothing to proveChristian McCaffrey - NFC Offensive player of the month for September. Need I say more? Middle Linebackers - Both Luke Kuechly and Shaq Thompson continue to shine, and Shaq is having by far the best season of his career.Brian Burns - NFC Defensive rookie of the month for September, capping a brilliant start to his career.Mario Addison - Five sacks in two games is putting him well on track to eclipse his career best total. He’s been the primary beneficiary of the addition of all these weapons on the front seven.James Bradberry - Completely locked down DeAndre Hopkins on Sunday and is well on his way to recognition as one of the best corners in the NFL.

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